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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Understanding The Inter-Intra Gendered Perspectives of The Youth On Virginity: A Study of College Students of Jadavpur University In Kolkata In West-BengalDas, Tamogni
2013SUBVERSIONS AND SUBMISSIONS: Looking at Questions of Agency and Powerlessness among Sex Workers of Kalighat ShreyaSen, Shreya
2013Experiencing Widowhood: A Study of the Marginalisation and Invisibilisation of Widows in the City of VrindavanSharma, Ashmita
2014Work Practices in the IT sector in India:A look at the gendered experiences of women workers in the National Capital RegionThe purpose of this dissertation is to discuss and analyse the various work practices of Information. Technology industry in India,from a feminist perspective.The services sector,of which Information Technology forms a major part, provides job access to women having particular skills and is considered to be a gender inclusive space due to the high percentage of women workers present at the entry level,but the number of women employees reduces drastically as one climbs up the organisational ladder. The maximum number of women workers in the sector are concentrated in the low or middle management levels. Apart from this, there is a high annual attrition of women workers from the industry. These factors seem to point at some gender based discrimination in the sector, that is not so apparent. Gender is a social construct which dictates separate roles and responsibilities for men and women. Feminists have pointed out at the performative aspect of gender,i.e.,gender as not being a natural phenomenon, and how the society and various institutions and organisations reproduce and maintain the gender based inequalities. Gender norms dictate how work is assigned differently to a male and female employees,where the former are assumed to be better workers in a formal, organisational setting. This dissertation aims at deconstructing the taken for granted assumption of the Information Technology sector as women friendly and inspecting the gendered experience of the women workers in these companies. This study should be of interest to gender specialists working in the developmental and corporate sectors, as well as academicians and scholars willing to explore gender based occupational discrimination in the Information Technology industry in India.; Chaudhuri, Aindrila
2014Understanding the Issues and Experiences of Unwed Mothers: Case Studies of Women from Dimapur and Mokokchung District of NagalandLongkumer, Supongbenla
2015Sexual Violence in Childhood: A Feminist Enquiry into the Issues of Validation, Resilience, Memory and TrustAdhya, Raahi
2015Women and the Sindhi Community Post-Partition: Exploring Diasporic AdaptationChakraborty, Radhika M.
2015Peer Gendered Violence Among Primary School ChildrenFegeas, Nicole
2016Performing at the workplace: A study of women officers and their integration into the changing Indian Air ForceGhosh, Deepshikha
2017Body Identity And Sexuality: A Case Of The Hijras In MumbaiSalgat, Parima