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Title: Voices of International students on Academic and Cultural Challenges and Adjustments
Other Titles: A case study of a Higher Education Institute in Mumbai, India
Authors: Balasubramanian, Jayashreee
Keywords: International Students - Higher Education Institute - Mumbai
School of Education
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: A study of the Literature reveals that there has been limited research exploring the academic and cultural challenges and adjustments of international participants in India. Despite the growing information on the subject, there appears to be a need to amalgamate and harmonize findings in order to highlight the research. With the expansion of Internationalization and increased number of foreign admissions in the universities, the evolution and advancement of international participants has become increasingly important. It has been found extremely challenging to achieve the desired educational outcomes for newlineinternationals as commonly recognized in the literature, their adjustment was a multi-dimensional studies which encompasses major domains: Academic, cultural and social adjustments.This study revolves around international participants pursuing a tertiary education in countries not of their newlineorigin, due to which their learning experience gets more attention and hence the current research on adjustment focuses on academic and cultural adjustment of international students. Different categories newlinelike assessment, academic atmosphere, teaching methods and learning methods was analyzed during the process. newlineResearch questions grew from the researchers observations, and the selection of a qualitative case study was best to study the international students Academic and Cultural challenges and their adjustment in a bounded system was unique. This allowed the researcher to serve as a tool while conducting interviews and observations and reviewed in detail. Interviews were a rich instrument to gather thick details on the newlinestudy in questions. The research site was established in the year 2006 to facilitate mutually beneficial international academic exchange and collaboration between the host University and foreign Universities.
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