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Title: Exploring The Role of Urban And Industrial Planning And Policy Practices In Cognizing Its Relations With Water Demands In Urban Agglomerations - A Case Study of Mumbai Metropolitan Region
Authors: Beniwal, Apoorva
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Pranjal Deekshit
Centre for Urban Policy and Governance
Urban Agglomerations
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Urbanization as a sociological process is linked to modernization, industrialization, believed to be to be principled on rationalization. But the process of urbanization in India has favored only few developed regions and cities within few developed states. Urbanization of people consequently leads to urbanization of resources as well. This accounts for disparities between and within regions, both in terms of urbanization of people and resources. Explosive growth of population (urbanization) and industrialization in agglomerations raises demand for more housing units and hence there is rise in estimated water demands, creating needs for more and more water supply projects. There is a need for exploration of the fact; if at all the policies and practices of urban and industrial planning affect the estimated rise in water demands in these agglomerations. Thus the study aims to focus on “Whether and how urban and industrial planning and policy practices cognizes its relation with water demands in agglomerations”. The larger objective and rational of study is to “Understand the role of urban and industrial planning in the context of rising water demands and increasing regional water disparity in urban agglomerations”. On the basis of the above raised concern the study is aimed to conclude on the following hypothesis- “a few large cities with strong economic bases and urban growth concentrated in few developed states, regions (urban agglomerations) is leading to rise in regional water crisis/scarcity, demand and disparity”. Methodology: The study will constitute an exploratory approach. The data collection will be majorly based on secondary sources which will include DPs, RP (MMR), Planning policy instruments used in both urban and industrial planning. The research will be supported by taking case studies within MMR region followed by semi structured interviewing of officials within government organizations like MIDC, municipal corporations, water resource department etc.
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