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Title: Understanding a Community Base Organisation (CBO) in a tribal community: Study of Zeliangrong Tribe in Manipur
Authors: Gangmei, Philemon
Keywords: School of Social Work
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Community Base Organisations (CBO), from the time immemorial has been existing in different forms and sizes within the community. It plays an important role for the welfare of the community people. They involve and deal with several needs and issues of the community in areas like health and its facilities, quality education through proper infrastructures and services and accessible transportations and communications services. CBOs also play an important channel of representing the voices of the people in the community. The importance of the CBO has been increasingly felt by the people. And at the same time there has been growing awareness about the CBOs roles in the process of governance and in dealing with various issues at the local level. Like any other communities, the Zeliangrong too began to face various issues and needs within the community. CBO acts as a mediator and facilitator in reaching out to the excluded tribal community to reach their issues and voice to the state. The present study uses the qualitative methodology by taking two CBOs which were involved in the various issues of the local people in an around the Tamenglong District of Manipur. The focus of the study is on the different issues in which these organisations are dealing with and also emphasis on how these organisations come into play as a bridge between the local community people and the government agencies. It also looks into the perceptions of the community people about the organisation‘s ideologies and their functions. The first chapter gives the introduction about what are the CBOs and their functions in the community. It also gives the brief history of the Zeliangrong tribes and its important relationships with the CBOs. The second chapter deals with the literature and provides deeper account of the importance of CBOs. It also tries to understand how such community organisations are becoming more important to the people especially in a tribal community like the Zeliangrong. The third chapter deals with the methodology of the research adopted for the present study. It shows in details how the researcher uses the methodology and its importance to the study. The fourth chapter shows the details of the data collected and its analysis and findings. The final chapter of the study shows the findings of the analysis and conclusions. Most of the CBOs are evolving with the aim of meeting the community people needs and addressing certain issues to the higher authorities concern. The CBOs from the times of ancestors have been continued to functions in the community inorder to address the community needs. These organisations from time to time changes and modify its strategies and expand its goals according to the need of the community people. The importance is given to such organisations as it was solely form by the people themselves inorder to deal with any issues of the community. Infact, it was the collective organisation of the grassroot people which stands for the welfare of the people through their voluntary basis of services.
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