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Title: Analysis of OBC Reservation Policy for Higher Education in India
Authors: Parasuraman, S.
Srinivasan, K.
Thakur, Sai
Saritha, C.T.
Goyal, Jaya
Singh, D.P.
Thombre, Bharat
Keywords: OBC
Reservation Policy
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2011
Abstract: This is an empirical study analysing the recent government policy of reservation of 27% of seats for students from the OBC category (Other Backward Communities) in the centrally funded institutions of higher education in India, and upheld by the Supreme Court of India. It is sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences, India, (NASI) Allahabad. Though the reservation for OBCs in centrally funded educational institutes has come in place in 2008, reservations for OBCs were in place in many states in India in state funded educational institutes. Our study attempts to analyse the OBC reservation policy in these state level institutes and tries to draw inferences which we feel are highly relevant in the context of the new reservation policy for OBCs in centrally funded educational institutes. The specific objectives of the study are: p Analysis of performance of reservation policy in general (SC/ST communities) and OBC reservation in particular in higher educational institutions in India. p Review of available research work done by the government, academic institutions, independent scholars and others on reservation policy. p Analysis of the socio-economic and educational profile of OBCs in relation to other caste groups.
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