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Title: Understanding adolescents body image: comparing boys and girls
Authors: Yadav, Tanishka
Keywords: School of Human Ecology
Amrita Joshi
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The present study explored the notions of beauty in adolescents and the factors influencing these notions(family, peers, media, romantic partner, culture). Along with it strategies taken by adolescents to enhance appearance were also looked at. This study is located in Alwar, Rajsthan and mostly quantitative along with some qualitative measure were adopted for the study. Both internal and external notions of beauty were discussed by participants. Ideal notions of beauty which were significantly reported in the study for females include leanness, light and clear complexion. On the other hand for males and muscularity, tallness were most reported. There was an overall emphasis on presenting family, peers, media, romantic partner and culture in positive light. However, some participants reported factors which contributed to the negative body image. Familial and cultural influences on grooming, associating appearance with popularity and likeability by peers, popular media(T V, media, Ads, Newspapers) portraying thin/lean/attractive people leading productive glamorous lives, mocking/joking about the way they look by their romantic partner were pointed as some of the factors contributing to negative body image by a large majority of participants. The sample was found to use more strategies such as yoga, walking, jogging and some extreme measures such as purging/smoking to lose weight. Surgical procedures to enhance appearance were reported by a very small sample.
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