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Title: Intercaste Relations among Dalits: A Study of Rural Maharashtra
Authors: Walde, Nikhil Suresh
Keywords: Dalits Development - Rural Maharashtra
Suryakant Waghmore
School of Social Work
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Dalits being a marginalized and the stigma of lower caste attached to them have faced many problems in the society. As a caste group Dalits (Scheduled Castes) are not the homogeneous community there are many castes within, which perpetuate inequality and di fferences in them. There are vast literature available on the study of Dalits, their marginalization and struggle against the caste system. But this literature is largely focus on the Dalits movements, their history and struggles dominated by Mahars. There are very few academic literature which deals with the study on Mahar, Mang and Chambhar together which could talked of their socio-political and economic relations with each other and their role in forming the common identity in contemporary Maharashtra. Therefore, this study “Intercaste Relations among Dalits” become so important, which have been chosen to study and analyze the complexities and di fferences between Mahar, Mang and Chambhar perpetuate by the traditional caste system and divergent ideological orientation in them. This study is also important not merely to see the di fferences in them but also to explore some commonness they share in their social, political and economic relations with each other after the 67 years of independence in contemporary Maharashtra.
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