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Title: Married Adolescent Girls In Malappuram District Of Kerala : Exploring vulnerabilities
Authors: Vinod, Sneha
Keywords: Adolescent Married Girl - Malappuram - Kerala
Surinder Jaswal
School of Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The current research is an exploration into the life experiences of adolescent married girls in Malappuram district of Kerala. The major focus of the study is to imply phenomenological understanding into the lived experiences of adolescent married girls and identifying their vulnerabilities. The study is built upon on the qualitative method of enquiry. The major themes emerged in the study are-autonomy of the adolescent married girls within family, changes in interpersonal relationship after marriage, changed roles after marriage, social network and support after marriage and sexual and reproductive health of married adolescent girls. The experiences of adolescent married girls in these areas are differential resulted from their identities in various social structures including class, religion and community. The life of adolescent married girls are constructed upon vulnerabilities within and outside family, which are contributed by intersections of age, gender and other social structures including caste and community.
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