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Title: Women And Livelihood
Other Titles: A study of flood affected places in Lakhimpur, Assam
Authors: Banik, Prerana
Keywords: Flood Affected Places - Assam
Women - Livelihood
Surinder Jaswal
School of Social Sciences
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: India is one of the most vulnerable country to climate change as over the decades it has experienced vast areas under flood and landslide. As the topic says, the research is about the Women and Livelihood: A study of flood affected paces in Assam, the thesis is to study various aspects of women and livelihood. It begins with looking at the ubiquitous nature of floods and their manifestation as a natural disaster. In doing so it introduces the idea of floods as both a natural phenomenon and as a natural disaster. The second chapter gives a brief description about the methodology and the rationale of the research study. The methodology used in the data collection and the reasons of using that particular methodology in the process of data collection. The third chapter provides the geographical and demographical details of the people and the location of the research. The various databases which provide information about the extent of flood related damage in Assam, sections of vulnerable people and the extent of loss caused mainly in livelihood sector is given. The fourth chapter looks at the social profile of women and livelihood dynamics. It shows how floods have been understood in the social sciences both globally, Indian context and context of Assam. In doing so it spells out the theoretical approach of the study. The profile of a particular section of the vulnerable that is farm based women workers have been created and their vulnerabilities have been made. The chapter five discusses the government response and response of women in mitigating the flood impacts on livelihood. The last and final chapter, chapter six gives details findings of the research regarding the floods and its impact on life and livelihood of women in Lakhimpur district of Assam. The thesis concludes with the discussions and debates regarding the Women and Livelihood as a study of flood impact
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