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Title: STUDY ON TRADITIONAL FOOD PRODUCT IN WESTERN ODISHA: To examine its business proposition on prospective of women entrepreneurship
Authors: Padhee, Soumya S.
Keywords: Thesis Tuljapur
Das, Bipin
Women - Entrepreneurship
Women - Entrepreneur
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Tiss Tuljapur
Abstract: Women are always been expert in traditional food making. With the displacement and the busy time schedule of people in the country, there has been greater demand of traditional food in the market. Small scale women entrepreneur in Odisha are very much involved in traditional food making business. Women run organized enterprises in Odisha with their skill and knowledge, their talents, abilities and creativity in business and a compelling desire of wanting to do something positive. But in the same time it has to deal with the stereotypical business world and have to set up a unique selling point for their product. The western Odisha is a place where there is abundance scope for enterprise set up in traditional food making product. The area is a blend of rural as well as urban area due to which there a healthy relation between demand and supply aspect of marketing. Women entrepreneur has lot of scope in generating employment in that sector. But due to certain marketing illiteracy and cultural constrain the enterprise are restricted to grow to a particular level. To understand that constraints and visualise a scope to overcome the constraint s this study is been conducted in the western part of Odisha. This research is been conducted to study constrains of social and economical system in the grass root level practice of women enterprise in western Odisha.
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