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Title: Study of Dhangar Community to Understand the Pattern and Sustainability of Livelihoods: With Specific References to Kothale Village, Solapur District
Authors: Kharat, Nilesh
Keywords: Thesis Tuljapur
Das, Bipin
Understanding - Dhangar Community
Sustainable - Livelihood - Dhangar Community
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Tiss Tuljapur
Abstract: The current study will look into the livelihood patterns of the Dhangar-Shepherd Community with specific reference to Kothale village of Solapur District. Due to migration and nomadic way of life so many problems and issues like livelihood, education and health are seriously affecting on the large number of the population of the Dhangar-Shepherd community. The selected area is a drought prone and hilly area where the livelihood of the people is the basic problem, and it affects the overall development of Dhangar-Shepherd Community. There is an abundant of livestock available to this community but because of less profit from the livestock but some of them sell these cattles; hence they could not use that livestock resource sustainably. So the study focuses to find out what are the problems and challenges to sustain these livelihoods behind livestock. And make this idea broader to generate new livestock holder. Researcher wants to find out of what will be the solution to make this idea possible. Especially Dhangar community has been traditionally rearing the livestock and because this is pastoral nomadic tribe they do migration seasonally. If they install dairy, it will increase livestock as well as increase grazing land, they will get resource to sell the livestock production and they will generate livelihood for their self. On the other hand there can be multiple benefits to the community like agricultural use, meat, organic fertilizer and livestock farming. Researcher would like to identify the solution of traditional occupation to alternative livelihood opportunity to Dhangar community.
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