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Title: Role of SHGs in Women Lives and Their Familys Livelihood Case Study of 5 Villages in Tuljapur Block
Authors: Bansode, Shila
Keywords: Thesis Tuljapur
Kulkarni, Anjali
Women - Self-healf Groups
Case Study - Tuljapur Block
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Tiss Tuljapur
Abstract: The study is intended to achieve a number of objectives. Self-Help Group is small voluntary group and women’s participation in the SHGs and develop the activity like biasness started to SHGs trough and develop the economic condition and empowerment. Among these are: to examine the nature of Self-Help groups in selected villages of Tuljapur; to assess the strategies of empowering women through SHG‟s; to examine the extent to which women are empowered by participating in SHG‟s; and to examine the challenges faced by the women’s SHGs through in empowering women. The study adopted the generalized questionnaire survey/ observation approach which allows statistical inferences to be made to a broader population so that results could be concluded strongly. Multistage sampling technique and qualitative analysis was adopted to come up with the empirical findings.
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