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Title: Study on Needs and Problems of Women Micro Entrepreneurs, Latur Maharashtra
Authors: Ghodke, Suresh
Keywords: Thesis Tuljapur
Kulkarni, Anjali
Women - Micro - Entrepreneurs
Women - Needs - Problems
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Tiss Tuljapur
Abstract: The research is a needs and problems faced by women micro entrepreneurs in urban and semi- urban areas of Latur district. The period of this study is January, 2016. The objectives of this study are to study the role of women in micro level entrepreneurial activities and income generating for their family and to study the problems faced by them. The primary data collection was done and interview schedule was used for data collection, which studied the socio-economic profile, role of promotional agencies in women entrepreneurships, current status of women, problems and future needs of the women entrepreneurships. Observations from this study have shown that there is little interaction between the urban women micro entrepreneurs and the formal Social institutions, financial institutions, leading to wide spread exploitation of the target groups. Suggestions comes from interaction with the different promotional agencies in particularly about financial institutions credit service have been given, so based on the study observations and the women micro entrepreneurs perception about the different sources of credit used by them. Hence, this study indicating in present scenario women are actively participating in entrepreneurial activities from micro level to macro levels. Apart from these this study also indicating how the women status changed from their enterprise and how to play important role in Indian economy developments.
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