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Title: Financial Needs Assessment of Urban Area Street Food Vendors in Noida District Gautambuddh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh
Authors: Jetli, Raghav
Keywords: Thesis Tuljapur
Kulkarni, Anjali
Socio-Economic Condition - Vendore
India - Social Innovations
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Tiss Tuljapur
Abstract: The research is a financial needs assessment of urban area street food vendors, which was conducted in the Mamura Mandi area, sector – 62, New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (Noida), District Gautam Buddh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. The period of study i s January, 2016. The objective of the study is to study the current financial aspects, the ‘As – Is’ scenario along with the future plans and potential, the ‘Would – Be’ scenario of the urban area street food vendors and to suggest practical and useful rec ommendations for a financial institution looking to dedicatedly cater to the needs and vulnerabilities of the target group. Primary data collection was done and interview schedule was used for data collection, which studied the socioeconomic profile, curre nt financial data variables and future potential and expectations of the target group. Data analysis was done so as to frame recommendations for suitable and tailor made products for this section of the society. Observations have showed that there is littl e interaction between the urban area street food vendors and the formal financial institutions, leading to wide spread exploitation of the target group at the hands of unregulated money lenders. Financial products and services have been recommended in the domains of a savings product, a credit product, an insurance product and a pension product. Suggestions such as daily interaction with the financial institutions agents, less processing time and documentation and small amounts of savings and credits have b een given, based upon the study’s observations and the food vendors’ perception about the different sources of credit used by them. Finally, the linkage between the financial products and services recommended and the current government program s and schemes has been explored, so that constructive measures may be adopted by a formal financial institution in order to develop financial products and services to cater to the target group of urban area street food vendors in the current scenario. It is seen that by serving the urban area street food vendors, there results a win – win situation for both the stakeholders, that is, the street vendors and the institutions of formal finance.
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