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Title: Autism and Music Therapy: A Study in Metropolitan Cities
Authors: Mehadi, Mohd
Keywords: Thesis Tuljapur
Swain, Sasmita
Music - Theropy
Study in Metropolitan Cities
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Tiss Tuljapur
Abstract: In the term of this research project and the time I spent on it, there have been a few discoveries and strings that have come more forward to my comprehension and cognizance. One of the fundamental objectives of picking this subject for me was to comprehend the capacity of Music in this area and the effectiveness of sound in different fields. I likewise needed to correspond with the Autistic individuals and individuals identified with them. The motivation for my research theme is the beguiling way of sound, said to be one of the prime elements in the universe from the earliest starting point of advancement. Our entire grandiose journey of the world and past begins from the purpose of panchbhuta (five components) which then shows in a charging way to shape the life power and after that, later, those five components deteriorates to follow a celestial navigate at the [Paramanu] (particle) level. Sound is one of a kind as it has one and only character i.e. endless. Ether is the bearer of sound be it man made or something else. One can hear it. A ether is the main interminable component of the five components it pulled in the consideration of different sages. The idea of [Akashvani] or Devine sound which is heard by sages of higher request is identified with this Ether or [Akasha].The primordial mantra [AUM] then in present day times [Raam] or [Shyaam] are to fill in as linkages between]Jivatma(life power - atman or soul) to [Paramatman]or (Omnipotent of preeminent soul).The idea of sound and Mantra will be talked about in the following issue. Presently we ought to focus on components, other than five specified above which are imperative to Hindu philosophical point of view. Those are Time (Kala) and Space (Sthan] or [Dik] i.e. spot and course); Soul and Mind.
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