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Title: Exploratory Study to Assess Mangoes as a Commercial Commodity for Kondha Tribe in Odisha
Authors: Mishra, Divya
Keywords: Thesis Tuljapur
Kulkarni, Anjali
India - Mangoes Production
SHG's Groups - Marketing
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Tisss Tuljapur
Abstract: The dissertation topic revolves around finding innovative community based solution to address the problem of non utilization of large quantities of indigenous varieties of mangoes .Currently the local populace which are majorly composed of very backward tribe known as Kondhas, are not aware of many value additions that are possible of those varieties. The little processing that they do is also not marketed properly. Hence some forward linkages are needed that would significantly contribute to their income and reduce the wastage of mangoes. Moreover, the possibility to start and scale up the mango value addition business activity was deeply studied by talking to Government department marketing expert. This study employs both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods that aims to achieve the research objectives. Two villages namely Khajuripada and Jhadabalaskumpa were randomly selected which had good amount of mango production and 50 samples of mango collectors were collected. As it is rightly contemplated by pundits of economics, that food processing industry is a sunshine industry of future years, the study will explore the scope of level of value addition possible for those mangoes.
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