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Title: Study on Marketing of Agri, Produce Through Farmer Producer Company With Special Reference to Osmanabad District of Maharashtra
Authors: Dongare, Pavan
Keywords: Thesis Tuljapur
Narwade, Shahaji
Agriculture - Production
Agriculture - Company
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Tiss Tuljapur
Abstract: Cooperative’ is one of the option available for the farmers to get organised themselves to connect in the market supply chain of value addition and business owners hip. Whereas, the cooperative system in the country been affected by various circumstances. Though, there was an amendment of Companies Act 1956 during 2002 clear the way for the incorporation of ‘Producer Companies’. Since, then lot of producer companies have been established in India, which covering a wide range of commodities. By this time, Osmanabad district has been noted 37 farmer producer companies covering most of the agriculture produce. ‘Producer companies’ is a combination or it lies between coop erative society and limited company. It holds all the rules and regulation of the limited companies. Also it is mix of goodness of cooperatives and proficiency of companies. Most of the initiatives of producer companies are first attempt by farmers group a nd it is promoted by NGOs, Government and sponsoring organization. Producer Company can help small farmers to participate in high value market such as the export market and the unfolding modern retail sector in India. The effective functioning of ‘Producer Companies’ model and scaling - up of this concept in India bring the prosperity among farmers. On the basis of specific case studies of successful producer company in Osmanabad district of Maharashtra, which produce and markets most of the farm produce, we discuss how they achieve capacity building, promotional effort, production and marketing of farm produce and how it’s benefited the small farmers.
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