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Title: Positive Psychology as a Perspective in Therapy: Experiences of Psychologists
Authors: Maiya, Sahitya
Keywords: Centre for Human Ecology
Mamatha Shetty
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: The present study sought to explore psychologists’ subjective understandings of positive psyc hology, attitudes towards positive psychology and the overall impact of positive psychology as a perspective on the process of therapy. Within the qualitative research design, in depth interviews were conducted with fifteen psychologists, who used positive psychology in their practice for a minimum of two years. Thematic analysis was used to arrive upon an understanding of how positive psychology as a perspective operates in therapy in the Indian context. It was found that psychologists’ subjective understa ndings revolved around positive psychology striking a balance in their practice. Psychologists struggled with the debate of whether positive psychology was old wine in a new bottle or a new perspective in therapy. Psychologists experienced a palpable impac t of positive psychology as a perspective o n the steps of assessment, conceptualisation, goal setting and intervention. Most psychologists adapted Western conceptual frameworks for conceptualizing their clients’ cases. Therapist factors such as therapist’s training and organizational support and client factors such as age and cultural background determined whether or not psychologists used positive psychology for that particular case. The therapeutic relationship within pos itive psychology was perceived to be strengthened due to an anchoring in strengths and positive resources of the client . A ripple effect mod el was recommended to explain how subjective understandings and favourable attitudes towards positive psycho logy have a bidirectional effect upon the usage of positive psychology in therapy. Lastly, the implications for this research study were discussed for psychotherapy, education and training.
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