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Title: Work to Family Conflict, Family to Work Conflict And Life Satisfaction Among Teachers-Quantitative Study
Authors: Wankhede, Aakash
Keywords: Budhadeep Gondane
Centre for Human Ecology
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: Home life and working life are two elements that affect each other correlatively. The roles of the individual in family and working life can sometimes result in conflicts. The most common troubles due to the inconsistencies in the family and working life are being fatigue, under performance, feeling less qualified and not well at work, dissatisfaction of job and walk-out. The present study was undertaken to explores the work to family conflict, family to work conflict & life satisfaction as well as relationship between life satisfaction & family to work conflict among teachers in Mumbai. The sample consisted of 80 teachers from degree level college out of which 40 were married and 40 were unmarried. Participants were assessed on Work to Family & Family to Work conflict scale and The Satisfaction with Life Scale. Demographic details were also collected for both married and unmarried teachers. Results indicates that participants in the present study have significantly higher work to family conflict than family to work conflict. Married teachers have shown significantly higher Life satisfaction than unmarried teachers. There is a significantly negative relationship between life satisfaction and family to work conflict as well as significantly negative relationship between level of support and work to family conflict were found. The result are discussed in terms of related research. The limitations, implication, & suggestions for future research are highlighted.
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