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Title: Impact of Wildlife Sanctuaries on Agriculture and Livelihood of Local People : A Study in Gondia District
Authors: Bhagat, Nishant
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Geetanjoy Sahu
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: The actual success of conserving natural resources in any Protected Area or Biosphere Reserve depends upon the extent of assistance and positive attitudes as well as perceptions of local people possess towards such establishments. Disregarding the dependence of the residents for their subsistence needs upon resources of such places leads to conflicts between protected area m anagers and the nearby inhabitants. Crop yield deficits and livestock depredation had been serious problems observed in the majority villages associated with Nagzira Navegaon National Park. Potential solutions discussed highlight the need to undertake suit able and also appropriate protective measures to reduce the crop losses. Most of the people living in study area (Kokna J) are farmers and their farms are near the boundary of protected area. The study is based on the impact of crop raiding in this area. W hat are the impacts of crop loss to their livelihood? The role of compensation scheme and the level of satisfaction of farmer with those schemes. Besides, fair and fast disbursement of compensation with regard to crop loss and animals killing need to be a dopted. Residents of the Kokna J Village already have a negative attitude in the direction of park/reserve establishment due to socio - political changes inducing major financial losses and this attitude may result in clashes and confrontations in case prope r ameliorative measures aren't taken immediately. The study indicated that, crop damage by animals is causing severe economic loss to farmers in the District and mitigation measures namely solar electric fence, stopping monoculture plantation in forest are suggested.
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