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Title: Seasonal Migration Among Sugar Cans Cutters: A Study of Beed District in Marathwada Region Maharashtra
Authors: Shende, Harshwardhan
Keywords: Thesis Tuljapur
Dhar, Niladri S.
Seasonal - Migration - Sugar Cane Labours
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: TISS Tuljapur
Abstract: The dissertation describes and analyses the process of seasonal migration in Beed district of Maharashtra which has been studied by the researcher. Central focus of the study is on causes and impacts of migration on migrating households. The process of seasonal migration has become a fundamental part of livelihood for the people. Migration from one place to another has become a livelihood strategy for the poor. Migrant sugarcane cutter workers are a very important constituent of the rural economy of Maharashtra. The present dissertation aims at investigating the socio-economic background of the migrant of sugarcane cutting. First chapter deals with the introduction of the field and definition of migration. Second chapter deals with the review of literature related to the seasonal migration. Third chapter deals with methodology of the research. To accomplish the objectives a) to understand the socio-economic condition of the sugarcane migrant workers b) to understand the causes and impacts of seasonal migration on migrating household. c) to study the wages, amenities and work environment, a field survey was conducted. In the survey, a set of data was collected at Siddhanath factory, Solapur, Maharashtra. The data was collected from migrants of Beed district at Siddhanath factory, Solapur. The survey was conducted at the destination place of migrants. Details information was gathered from 100 households. Chapter four analyses the demographic profiles of the migrants. Chapter five discusses the causes and impacts of migration on migrating households. Chapter six analyses the wages, amenities and work environment of the migrants. Chapter seven deals with summary of the study and major findings with suggestions.
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