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Title: Labour Market Flexibility and Strategic Decision Making In Firms: A Study on SMEs in Industrial Clusters of Tamilnadu
Authors: Jaganth, G
Keywords: School of Management and Labour Studies
Bino Paul
Labour Market
Decision Making
Industrial Cluster
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: This research explores the diverse forms of flexibility options firms have in terms of labour market and the ways in which these flexibility options influence the decision making process of the firms. The research also explores the innovation and technological up gradation adaptability of SMEs with the level of flexibility they posses in terms of labour market. The unit of analysis of the study is firm. The research was carried out in five industrial clusters located in the state of TamilNadu. The data from the firms were collected by conducting In-depth interview with the decision makers of the firms, using a structured interview schedule. A total of 86 firms took part in the research. The collected data were analysed using various statistical analysis tools. It emerges from the analysed data that SMEs enjoy considerable amount of flexibility in terms of its labour market. The flexibility options that firms posses influence their decision making process. Even though most of the firms in SMEs enjoy flexibility they do not involve in technological up gradation activities.
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