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Title: Villages in the city: Trajectories of urbanization in Rajarhat-New Town, Kolkata
Authors: Mukherjee, Angana
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Ratoola Kundu
Village pockets
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: Specific forms of urbanization and transformation of the major urban sector can be found along the peripheries of larger metropolises. The transformation of the peripheries is basically initiated by three major approaches. a) State –led Approach, b) Market-led Approach and c) rural to urban transformation which is basically community driven. These transformations are effect of the globalization and liberalization which accelerate the process of urbanization. The in migration and increasing population with the expectation of better job to towards the city, motivates the inflow of population towards the city centre which generates demand for city spaces. It influences the expansion of the major cities and expands the urban territory from the core to the peripheral region. It motivates the state and bureaucrats towards a new town development. This expansion leads to the process of peri urbanization which generates a mixed place (both with urban and rural character) or transitional place along the periphery of the metropolises. Though the new town is planned expansion of metropolis but it is interesting to find out the existence of village pockets within the planned territory. This research will try to find out what factors have prompted the existence of village pockets areas within the planned boundary of Rajarhat (new town) development, what are the nature of interaction between them, and what is the implication of such pattern of development on future urban development and the people inhabiting in these place.
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