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Title: Understanding Reasons for Jayakwadi Water Conflict : A Scoping study
Authors: Ghogare, Ashlesha Sharad
Keywords: Water Conflict - Jayakwadi
Pranjal Deekshit
School of Habitat Studies
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Water flows through all forms and stages of life and is an integral part of Earth’s system. Water supports life, its growth, development and sustainability. Water is a common property resource with an attribute of excludability. Thus, rising demands due to increase in population, increase in food demand, urbanization and industrialization are giving rise to competency within and between sectors for the limited water resource available in different sources. This situation may lead to water disputes, conflicts and even water wars. The study looks at different aspects of water conflict within a basin with the case study approach. It is believed that the detail understanding of the causes for any phenomenon is necessary before finding the solution for it. The solution can only be successful if the core reasons are well understood and targeted by policy instruments. The purpose of this study is to scope different reasons behind an upstream-downstream conflict around a dam in a river basin. It includes natural as well as human induced reasons and how they are contributing to the conflict. Role played by upstream and downstream representatives, judicial system, government and related policy instruments gives a clear idea of how the conflict is shaping up.
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