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Title: Adoption of drip irrigation : A case study of farmers Ranchi, Jharkhand
Authors: Tigga, Anupama Sneha
Keywords: Drip Irrigation - Jharkhand
School of Habitat Studies
Nirmalya Choudhury
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Drip irrigation is one of the new emerging technologies with which one can deal with water stress conditions during the time of crop cultivation. There are added benefits of drip like increased water use efficiency, irrigating additional crop, higher crop yield and good quality produce, etc. But there are also drawbacks associated to it like high capital cost, energy requirement, decreasing subsidy which has led to lowering down its adoption rate To understand the issues pertaining to lower adoption of drip, this study has been conducted in the Ranchi district of Jharkhand. During the process of study, it was found out that in correspondence to the different socio-economic situations of the farmers in the region, adoption of drip is closely linked with the types of crop the farmers grow, subsidy on the drip sets, distance of source from the field, landholding size, etc
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