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Title: Role of intermediaries in BSUP in Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Other Titles: A Case Study of Basic Service to the Urban Poor in Bhubaneswar
Authors: Lakra, Niraj
Keywords: Basic Service To The Poor - Bhubaneswar - Odisha
Himanshu Burte
School of Habitat Studies
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The study represents the role of intermediaries in housing programme through case study of BSUP project at sites Dumuduma, the In - situ project and Gadakana and Damana, relocation project. It has ide ntified the role of intermediaries in the implementation of the BSUP programme and their effects and impact on the success and failure of it. It highlights the conflicts and cooperation with related to different factors in implementing the programme. It gi ves the process and system through which the programme delivered in the Bhubaneswar city. The possible challenges that the intermediaries faced during the implementation of the scheme is elaborated . The very important aspects talked in the research are how intermediary take the safe and supportive and favorable role for certain group, organization and communities. It also discusses the limitation in which the intermediary keeps away themselves in the programme. There are certain factor which forces the peop le to move from their stand at particulars moments and situation.
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