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Title: Assessing Feasibility of setting up an “Exclusive “ City Bus Service for Madurai , Tamil Nadu [ Financial Analysis of Existing Composite model of Financing for Transport Corporation in the city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu]
Authors: Karthikeyan, T.
Keywords: City Bus Service - Madurai - Tamil Nadu
Transport Corporation - Financial Analysis - Tamil Nadu
Sanjeev Chandorkar
School of Habitat Studies
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The purpose of this Research is to find the Existing Financial status of city bus services in terms of FARE, BUS CONDITIONS AND FREQUENCIES in Madurai. And also to check whether the EXISTING REVENUE COLLECTION/DISTRIBUTION in a COMPOSITE MODEL [which incl udes 3 services – CITY, TOWN AND MOFFUSSIL SERVICES] was the MAIN REASON BEHIND the poor services to the city people as well as Revenue loss of the city Transport Corporation though they are providing good revenue to the buses running within the cities. Th e study also focuses on the Expectations from the various stakeholders of the city whom connected closely with the city bus services and Whether all their expectations were matched/fulfilled by Current Transport system or not. Besides What could be the various other Issues that lead to the LOSS of existing system and Whether “RINGFENCED “ Model of Exclusive CITY TRANSPORT SERVICE [carving out from composite structure] will be a solution to overcome the CURRENT FINANCIAL ISSUES and provide Better qua lity of Bus service to the people in the cit
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