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Title: Decoding the Leadership Development Program Study of an integrated model to develop Leadership Pipeline
Authors: Verma, Manisha
Keywords: Vijayakumar P.
School of Management and Labour Studies
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: This paper is an attempt to understand the leadership development program of a company to identify the components and how it leads to achievement of business goals. There is enough literature surrounding us on the importance of developing leaders in the organization. There are organizations that are called ̳Leadership Factories‘. Every organization has developed its own l eadership development program. It is necessary to understand the context and business needs that led organization to have such a program. Then based on strategic business objectives, the organization develops a methodology to use with defined objectives. T hese are basically the competencies that are required from individuals as they move up the ladder and handle broad responsibilities. Based on exhaustive evaluation of company documents I tried to understand the business need and methodology of program. Var ious methodologies are understood from a theoretical perspective to know their value to program. Interviews of participants of the program were taken to understand their learnings and experience. These interviews helped me take out broad themes around vari ous constructs of leadership development. By clubbing these themes, propositions broad were derived out with respect to leadership development in organization by giving them a theoretical background. In addition to this quantifiable information from compan y sources supplemented our findings on the effectiveness of program to the individuals and organization as a whole.
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