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Title: Institutional Analysis of independent regulatory agency : Understanding the dichotomy betwen dichotomy between De Jure and De Facto independence
Other Titles: A case of Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission
Authors: Singh, Siddharth
Keywords: de jure and de facto independence - independent Regulatory agencies - India
Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission - Delhi
School of Habitat Studies
Roopa Madhav
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The literature on Regulatory independence, starts with the discussing why delegation to this new institutional feature, namely IRAs , which is located in two factors - functional pressures and other in the contextual factors. But, there exists a difference i n what is prescribed in the Acts enabling these institutions and how it is professed in practice i.e. a difference between de jure and de facto aspects of agency’s perceived independence. This research bases its claims on this dichotomy that exists between de jure and de facto independence by looking at the case of DERC, which was established through the high stake privatisation that occurred in Delhi, where the regulator was regulating private entities, and in a highly charged and organised politics of con sumers, comprised majorly by a middle class. Furthermore, a quantitative analysis is done based on the idea that there are levels of formal independence, which an Agency enjoys, which varies within the country, across various sectors. Based on these set of analysis, findings will be put to place, to do an institutional analysis of IRAs and to understand the dichotomy that exists with regard to IRAs , in their practice of regulation.
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