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Title: Interface between Customary Village Council (CVC) and Panchayati Raj Institution (PRI) in Local Self-Governance: A Case Study of Ballabha village in Dhenkanal district of Odisha
Authors: Sahoo, Uttam Kumar
Keywords: School of Social Work
Bipin Jojo
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: As formal institutions of the governance system are coming up at the village level, the community based voluntary institutions are considered as more informal in nature and characterised more traditional in its approach. Village councils are one the most recognized form of community based voluntary institutions in Indian villages. These councils functions within the village territory with local customary norms as its guiding principles. Over the years with strong emphasis on formal institution of governance at the village level, the presence of traditional or customary institutions are ignored. There has been negligible effort made to get an understanding about the role played by these customary or traditional institutions in local self-governance in contemporary time. Further, the common notion seems to be that these village level customary institutions are traditional in its approach and shrinking with the establishment of formal institutions for local self-governance. Incorporating the above arguments regarding governance discourse at the village level, this study has focused to explore the coexistence of customary institutions such as village council and the formal institution of local self-governance i.e. panchayati raj institution, in one single village. The coexistence of both these institution at the village level intensifies the space for diverse interaction or interface between both customary and panchayati raj institution. These interactions either be positive or negative. Further, this study attempts to analyses the various functions performed by the CVC and PRI in contemporary time. While analysing this aspect, the researcher has also attempts to explore the changing nature of village council in its structure and functioning within the village territory. This study is undertaken in Ballabha village, located in Dhenkanal district of Odisha. This is multi-caste village with people from different caste groups. The customary or Traditional village council in this village is one of most active ‘village council’ coexist with the formal structure of decentralised local government i.e. gram panchayat. Ballabha village in Dhenkanal district of Odisha is one such village, where the village council coexist with panchayati raj institution and executes number of functions relating to village governance. The qualitative research approach suits this case better than any others in order to understand the coexistence and interaction between traditional and formal institutions at the local level governance. Research Objectives Broader Objective This study focuses to understand the dynamics of local governance by studying the interaction between ‘customary or traditional institution such as Village Councils’ and elected ‘Gram Panchayat’ at the village level. Specific Objectives 1. To understand the role of CVC in village governance and service delivery at present context. 2. To understand the consequences of interaction between the customary or traditional institution and formal institutions of local self-governance. 3. To explore the scope of improvement in the process of local self-governance and the institutional engagement in rural areas.
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