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Title: Planning displacement in cities: Mega- infrastructure Projects” A Case Study of Mumbai International Airport Expansion
Authors: Dhir, Sonal
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The aim of this research is to contribute to the current debate on displacement created by urban mega-infrastructure in cities. The study will investigate the planning of displacement as an invisible agenda. Planning in cities in the globalized economies like ours has constantly been market driven and it demands more land for infrastructure projects; hence becomes generative of displacement, induced by development, which is often camouflaged by the more important dialogues of “larger public interest” and creation of “world class city”. Displacement in cities has been often seen as an off shoot of or as a by-product of development which requires land for numerous projects. Ergo this study places planning for displacement centrally and attempts to locate the various stakeholders who influence the process and studies the strategies and tactics they employ. The methodology followed is qualitative in nature and involves studying a sample site at Jari Mari, Kurla, where planning for evictions of people has been going on for the CSAI expansion project. It observes how displacement unfolds as a phenomenon in light of diverse stakeholders interactions, and how the power and interests of various groups intersect. It encounters that land becomes prime and entrenched in local politics, it reckons with the formal top down comprehensive planning, and becomes the space of contestations and negotiations. The study meditates upon whether there has been a reconciliation of these two claims in the case of expansion project of the Mumbai International Airport. It highlights the nuanced dynamics which have played out in the political spheres and how various approaches towards planning displacement have morphed by looking at possibilities of bottoms up planning approach.
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