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Title: Children of Migrant Workers in Guwahati: A Need Assessment Study
Authors: Sarma, Kangkana
Keywords: CODP-2015-Guwahati
Riamei, Joseph
Migrant Workers-Need Assessment Study
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS Guwahati Campus
Abstract: The main idea behind this research is to access the needs of the migrant children in the City of Guwahati and also understand their living conditions. The researcher particularly focused on the lives of “migrant children” because childhood and adolescence are most challenging and turbulent periods in most individual’s lives and are attended by marked physical, developmental and psychological changes. In such crucial stage of one’s life migration has an adverse affect on the lives of the children and specially the children of the workers in the informal economy who mostly comprised of the migrant population. The study was conducted in some of the densely occupied slums of the city and Guwahati Railway station. The study used an explorative approac h where both structured and unstructured interviews and observations were used study the socio-demographic, educational and health status of the migrant children. The finding brings a very sad and gloomy picture into the light. It shows that the children a re living a life of extreme poverty and deprivation. They work to support themselves and their families and lack access to education and other social services. It was also found that government has hardly taken any steps for the betterment of these migrants.
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