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Title: A Study on Khasi Women Perception on the Dorbar Shnong: With Reference to Iewwawiong Village (Laitlyngkot Elaka)
Authors: Nongrum, Elisha Beril
Keywords: CODP-2015-Guwahati
Debbarma, R.K.
Khasi Women-Iewmawiong Village
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The Dorbar Shnong (traditional village institution) is essential in the Khasi society as it looks after the welfare of the people both in the rural as well as the urban areas. The status of the Khasi women is considered to be high. But as far as political aspects are concern, Khasi women lack the opportunity to participate in the decision making. The traditions and cultures prevent women from the participation, which hinders the well being of the women. It is only in the contemporary era that women have participated in the Dorbar Shnong in some of the areas. This study explores the perception of the Khasi women towards the ‘Dorbar Shnong’ (village council), in Iewmawiong village. The methodology used for the study is qualitative in nature. Interview guide was used for the collection of data. Through the interaction, it was found that women no longer want to remain silent but to be a part of the decision making.
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