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Title: Influence of Family on the Career Development of Young Adults
Authors: Rajora, Yazur
Keywords: School of Social Work
Samta Pandya
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: We are an amazingly young country with 50% of the population under the age 25; a time when rest of the world is aging with an average age of 40(US), 47(China); India still has an average age of 27 which will only rise to 28 in the year 2020. This implies that we have a potentially youthful, productive and dynamic population of the country who is ready to transform not just the nation but the whole world. If this youth is not directed to appropriate academic and vocational courses, skill development programmes, career etc. then this demographic dividend becomes a demographic disaster. The research aims to understand and analyse career development process of young adults and the influence of family which is there in this career decision-making process like the rationale for choosing career, congruence in interests/abilities with the chosen career option and the interplay of family relationship, media, peers and the society. This research study has covered the various aspects of family which influence the career development of young adults. It also call for providing opportunities for the young adults to pursue different careers and be provided with information regarding the diverse career choices, by which one can increase their abilities to have great conversations, strong teamwork skills, be more innovative and creative and understand how to problem solve. As they move ahead in life, having these skills will increase their prospects for a better life.
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