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Title: Understanding the Idea of Slum Space: Everyday Life and Practices of an Undocumented Migrant Slum
Authors: Mukhopadhyay, Mohana
Keywords: School of Social Work
Ruchi Sinha
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: Slums are a significant phenomenon in today’s neoliberal city spaces, and have been a prominent subject of study in contemporary debates. In our proposition, we look at the spaces of slums as distinctively different from other common city spaces. My research attempts to trace the slum spaces within our developing cities, by exploring the hidden matrix of slum life. Through a methodological case study of a particular slum in Reay road, southern Mumbai, my research attempts to understand the everyday life of slum dwellers, which form an important part of modern growing cities. Through this exploration, one can attempt at an understanding of these spaces and the socio-cultural life of slum dwellers. While looking at rehabilitative approaches, one needs to rethink the idea of a slum in the context of its life and practice, which can look forward towards the inclusion of this space within the larger state structure. Our study looks at the slum space through various themes of difference that attempts to bring out t he particular way of life in a slum in a spatial context. This ultimately leads us to question on one hand, the dominant city culture, and on the other hand, the logic of the neoliberal project of capital accumulation and expansion through beautification and infrastructural development
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