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Title: Detection of changes and alternative methods in Cropping pattern after 2008 Kosi river flood, in parts of Madhepura region, using Remote sensing and GIS techniques
Authors: Nisha, Dipty
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Farmers today has to face the consequences of declining size of holding, degradation of soil and water resources, inadequate institutional credit support. The central theme of this research is to understand impact of floods on change in the cropping pattern from 2008 Kosi Flood onward and its affect on soil of the four blocks of Madhepura namely Kumarkhand , Murliganj, Shankarpur and Madhepura. Livelihood of most farmers in the disaster – prone region is very fragile and finely balanced. The study comprises of two parts one as scientific part and another as social part. A study has been done in such a fashion that the changes in the chemical and physical composition of the soil are analyzed using remote sensing and GIS and soil chemical analysis while the impacts on farmer’s decision and cropping patter due to changes in soil are dealt under social aspect of the study. Unawareness on the part of the farmer is matter of great loss to the Indian Economy. About 40% of farmers are still dependent on private money lender and cannot avail facilities from bank at low interest rate. Some adaptive measures have been documented in this dissertation in order to overcome the agricultural losses in the form of Mitigation. This study would contribute to the planner, policymaker and all those interested in the welfare of the farmer.
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