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Title: Weaving Dreams of Better Lives: A Study on the Women Weavers of the Missing Handicaft Industry in Lakhimpur District, Assam
Authors: Dutta, Rinki
Keywords: MALSSS-2015
Barbora, Sanjay
Handicraft Industry-Women Weavers-Lakhimpur
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS Guwahati Campus
Abstract: It has been noticed that lately the issues of ethnicity, ethnic identity, etc has gained importance in Assam. It was never really gone but at turn of the 21 st century, when the internet and social networking made their presence felt and the younger generation (who are mostly accused of turning their back on traditional values and culture), took a renewed interest in traditional wear, it seemed that the times we re starting to change. The Assamese society which is enriched with different tribes and communities has seen a change in its tastes with respect to traditional garments and attire. No doubt that the traditional Assamese pat, muga, eri silk clothes will alw ays be the choices of fabric for traditional wear for the Assamese, especially the women. But the attractive Mishing designs on traditional wear has found maximum takers among the Assamese and wearing them during Bihu and other traditional and festive occa sions has become fashionable for the present generation. This research is an effort to understand the journey of the traditional Mishing cloth from the community’s home - based rural looms to the present times where Mishing wear has found acceptance all over and how the lives of weavers of the Mishing handicraft industry have been affected by this phenomenon. An effort is also made to understand the lives and culture of the Mishing weavers and the society which they belong to and how they are carrying out their weaving activities and attaining livelihood out of it, in the present time.
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