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Title: Ethical Dilemmas and Decision Making among Professional Social Workers in Nepal
Authors: Thapa, Sapana
Keywords: Centre for Human Ecology
Aparna Joshi
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: The dearth of study on Ethics and Ethical decision making in the social work practice in Nepal has led to present study on the ethical dilemmas and decision making among professional social workers in Nepal. The sample used for the study were 30 professional social wor kers working with organization and educational institution in Kathmandu vall ey. An exploratory quantitative research design was used to know the understanding of ethics, sources of values, ethical dilemmas and decision making among the professional social workers. A self - constructed questionnaire was developed to explore ethical d ilemmas concerning to value conflicts, confidentiality, boundaries and autonomy. Majority of the participants reported that they’d received training on ethics in social work during their Bachelor’s level, however the duration of the same was found to be br ief to have any substantial impact. Parents and the up - bringing were reported to be the major sources of their values. The average mean pertaining to values and comfort was 3.1 which indicates that the average participants neither feel uncomfortable nor comfortable while working with the clients who hold different values than them. The majority of the participants agreed to breach confidentiality and denying autonomy when it came to issues of child sexual abuse. When it came to professional boundaries, ma jority of the participants were open to accept their relatives or family member as a client. The study has revealed that the majority of the social workers rely on the past experiences to resolve the ethical dilemmas. The findings point out the importance to integrate issues of ethics in social work education and carry out extensive research in this area.
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