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Title: Self Esteem In Adolescence Understanding Gender Differences and Relationship with Agents of Socialization
Authors: Bhatt, Ishita
Keywords: Centre for Human Ecology
Rajani Konantambigi
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: Self esteem is a complex psychological construct to delineate and understand as it involves subjective experiences in its development all through the individual‟s lifespan. Adolescence has been viewed as a stage in which the primary developmental task of t he individual is to develop a sense of self and one‟s identity and self esteem is an integral part of this process. The present study aims at understanding the self esteem of adolescents, the gender differences in the same and the relationship is has with three main agents of socialization (parents, peer group and media) by means of a quantitative approach. The sample for the study comprised 80 adolescents (40 girls and 40 boys) ranging between 14 and 16 years, all belonging to the city of Dehradun (Uttarak hand). Two structured questionnaires were used in order to get data for the study - Harter‟s "Self Perception Profile for Adolescents‟ and a self made tool „Influence of Soci alization Agents‟ - and the collected data was analys ed using descriptive statistic s. The findings suggest no significant gender differences in the overall self esteem of adolescents but do point towards certain domain specific gender differences. With regards to perceived influence of socialization agents by the sample, significant gend er differences were found. The study opens up scope for further research in this field, especially in the Indian context.
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