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Title: Water Worries: Governance, Commodification and Politics of Water in Shillong
Authors: Mihsill, Dawn, G.R.
Keywords: EESD-2015
Barbora, Sanjay
Water Politics- Shillong
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS Guwahati Campus
Abstract: ‘I am firmly convinced that many political and social conflicts of the twenty-first century will focus on water’ Wally N’dow. Water brings people together, breaks the hierarchal and religious divisions. Conflicts occurring centric to water are fought for ownership or its process. The Israel-Palestine conflict over the Jordan has lasted through two intifadas and entering a third. In Shillong, the three authorities; Municipal, PHED and the local Institution, Dorbar, manage the supply of water. Residents speak out about the water they receive. From a four hour supply of water to an hour, clean to red, river to drain. Water recharge or treatment systems were not found, residents say they will depend on private water tankers. Meanwhile, common property resources are being dominated by the major community in the locality. Old pipe lines are being zigzagged to reach the predestined home. More and more water sources are being tapped from the underground recharge or from the forest catchments and springs. We capture water, we use the water to our needs; we forget water has no need for us. Protecting water is protecting life.
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