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Title: The Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact of Hydro-Electrical Dam in context to the Quarry Network
Authors: Baruah, Arindam
Keywords: EESD-2015
Barbora, Sanjay
Hydro-Electrical Dam-Socio-Economic Impact
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS Guwahati Campus
Abstract: In the present study the context of quarry extraction in terms of its impact on the environmental, social and economic status of the inhabitants have been studied. Along with the socio - economic status, the study also gives the status of environmental perc eption of the community. The Subansiri belt is blessed with quarry products. The study tries to highlight the situation that c omplete stoppage of these activi ties is not feasible by giving preference to environmental concern also as the region’s economic a ctivity depends upon it. T hus, it is important that development happens in a environmental friendly manner.
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