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Title: Challenges of Unemployed Educated Youth: A Study of Rural Educated Youth in Tadubi Block, Senapati District, Manipur
Authors: Hingba, K. Henry
Keywords: MA in Social Work- 2014
Jilangamba, Yengkhom
Unemployed Educated Youth-Challenges-Manipur
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: TISS Guwahati Campus
Abstract: As we all know that scarce opportunity of getting employment in any sector had been the pressing issues in our society, especially for the educated youth in our country in spite of all plan and policy initiated by the government admini stration to change the phenomena of unemployed youths , but still it tends to move as one of the ma jor challenges factor rising for the individual youth and leads to diverse consequences towards society at large. Numbers of reasons were responsible which unable educat ed youth to get access w ith employment opportunities from diverse interest of individual with different perspective , so also society fails to unde rstand the root cause of the present scenario and limited alternative to address th e problem. T he study cont ribute s to gain factual information by understanding what ability and eli gible criteria do a person need to be employed and also on the other hand the question on why youth are not access with the opportunity. In the present study, the researcher attempt t o highlight some of the individual experience by stepping into ground reality information understanding the factors responsible for youth in facing problem to employment opportunities, the study found that the pedagogy of educational system and the dominan ce of politics role in volved in every development paradigm seems to be the challenging factor for educated youth in Tadubi Block of Senapati district , in spite of youth future with different aspirations towards employment.
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