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Title: Influence of Personality on Counterproductive Workplace Behaviour
Authors: Singh, Shalaka
Keywords: School of Management and Labour Studies
Premalatha P.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: . In the past decade, increasing focus has been paid to counterproductive workplace behaviour.This is contrary to the earlier organisational research studies which have tended to focus on increasing employee performance, motivation or job performance. However counterproductive workplace behaviour (CWB) deserves equal if not more attention. In the literature there are many definitions of Counter productive work behaviour (CWB) . Counterproductive work behavior at the most general level is defined as any intentional behavior or actions on the part of an organization member that can be viewed by the organization as contrary to its legitimate interests and objectives. Every workplace suffers losses due to counterproductive workplace behaviour.The most typically stated example of counterproductive workplace behaviour is availing of sick leave when the employee is not actually sick. This is a part of counterproductive workplace behaviour. Personality has been noted to be an important antecedent and predictor of an employee indulging in counterproductive workplace behaviour.This is specially so for certain specific personality traits.Thus in this research the big 5 personality traits as predictors of counterproductive workplace behaviour has been analysed.The existing literature states that counterproductive workplace counterproductive work behaviour has been reported to be higher in discretionary jobs than non - discretionary jobs where the amount of direct supervision is here.( e.g., Fox & Spector, 2010; Neuman & Baron,2005 ).Teaching in a typical academic institutions has many non - discretionary elemen ts( Malouff et al. , 1990 ).Thus it makes sense to study the counterproductive work behaviour in schools. In this research it was attempted to determine the link between personality and Counterproductive work behaviour( CWB). Firstly the influence of individual effects of personality traits on counterproductive work behaviour was analysed.Then the interaction of these variables to influence counterproductive work behaviour was studied.Thus personality traits as antecedents of counterproductive work beh avior was studied. The results indicate that conscientiousness has a strong negative influence on counterproductive work behaviour( R=0.61) and neuroticism has a positive influence on counterproductive work behaviour(R=0.62).Emotional stabilty also has a negative influence on counterproductive work behaviour while extraversion and agreeableness do not have influence on counterproductive work behaviour according to the results of this study. Also the study of the interaction between the personality variabl es show that conscientiousness ( C ) not only has a direct affect on counterproductive work behaviour but also an indirect affect through the mediating effect of conscientiousness on the relation between neuroticm and counterproductive work behaviour.The results show that a t low scores of conscientiousness, neuroticism has a stronger affect on counterproductive work behaviour and at high levels of conscientiousness, neuroticism has a lower influence on counterproductive work behaviour (CWB).
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