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Title: Different Achievers: A Study on People who have made a Mark in Professional and Social Contexts
Authors: Singh, Ashutosh
Keywords: School of Management and Labour Studies
Vijayakumar P.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: This research is a step in establishing a scientific method of hiring talent before they can practically prove their merit. Rising corporate race for getting the best talent wherein there is already a shortage which is leading to under carpet war to get best brains in the campus. But that‘s not exactly paying them off as they face huge attrition from management trainees in the first 2 years of their relationship. In this study, 16 People from past and current times h ave been analyzed to derive attributes which were inherent in them and played a crucial role in helping them get what they have desired and established themselves in political and social arena. This study highlights themes of courage, vision, compassion, belief system, risk aptitude and hope as parameters wherein the potential of an individual can be gauge even before actually delivering results. This is an explorative study which will lead to further researches in developing interview based scientific scales can be developed. This is a matter of curiosity to see if this can be effective in identifying talent effectively , but a lot of pre work for that sti ll remains unanswered and not explored
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