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Title: Competency Mapping of the Middle Level Managers in a Hospital
Authors: Chauhan, Rachana J
Keywords: Hospital Management
Middle Level Management
Competency Mapping
Gowri, V.
School of Health Systems Studies
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: Competency mapping is an important and an essential exercise. List of required competencies should be there for each well-defined role in the organization. This list should be used for recruitment, performance appraisal, promotions, placements and training needs identification. This information helps to identify the individual for particular work and provide direction for improvement of the skills. The skills should be complemented with knowledge and attitudes. The competency model should be developed in view of the organizational culture. The present study is carried out for competency mapping of the middle level managers in the hospital. The deficiency areas for each selected manager have been identified and related recommendations are made.
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