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Title: Nurse-Patient Communication in In-Patient Ward
Authors: Salunke, Anjali Ajay
Keywords: Nurse Patient Communication
Nurse Training
Patient Satisfaction
Gowri, V.
School of Health Systems Studies
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: Improving communication and collaboration between admitted patients and nurses can improve patient satisfaction and quality of care. Current research indicates that ineffective communication between the patients and the nurses may result in an increased length of stay, wastage of the resource use as well as patient dissatisfaction. So there is a need of effective and open communication between patients and nurses to improve the patient satisfaction, patient compliance with the treatment provided and health outcomes achieved. The Objective of the study was to observe the level of communication between nurses and patients from admission till discharge of patient. Also to find out the patient feedback regarding the nurse patient communication. The study was done to find the barriers which affect the communication between the nurses and the patients and to assess the training needs of the nurse in the area of communication with the patients The study was conducted in a government hospital setting and the sample of 30 patient and 20 nurses was collected with the help of interview schedules and observation checklist. The data was analysis using statistical data analysis method. It was observed that there was lack of communication between the patients and the nurses which affected the required patient outcomes and caused disqualification among the patients.So there was a need of improving the communication skills of the nurses through proper training. For this a training module was formulated which can be conducted by the hospital in the campus.
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