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Title: Municipal Limit Extension- A Case Study of Kolhapur City
Authors: Abhyankar, Avadhut Suhas
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Lalitha Kamath
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: Municipal limit extension is a process of including the surrounding area in the municipality by merging the local bodies there, in the parent municipality. The case study of Kolhapur city and its limit extension issue describes the arguments made by surrounding villages and industrial estates and other stake-holders against the proposed limit extension and also arguments made by the stake- holders who support it. It also analyzes the provisions in the State Municipal laws, the criteria and policies regarding the limit extension. It also throws light on the rationale of municipal limit extension. The research is done with detailed study of the two villages out of 17 proposed for merging in the city and one industrial estate out of two. Apart from views and opinion of the people in villages, city and industrialists, the demographic details, land use of the villages (considered for merging) are also analyzed. The research also focuses on the political and economic interests of various actors which have influenced the situation. From the emerging findings from the study the research advocates for a concrete policy at the state level about the limit extension, regarding the capability criteria for parent municipality, the criteria for village selection for merging in the city which includes criteria about demographic indicators, land use of village, geographical attachment between the villages and city and also for clear policy for the industrial estates. It also comments on the changing nature of the villages due to proximity of city, the mutual dependency between the two. It also highlights the need for time bound decisions regarding the future of such highly urbanized boundary villages. The research also expresses the need for the constructive dialogue, in a positive political environment to resolve such issues.
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