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Title: Success and failure in JalswarajyaComparative Case Study of Two Villages in Vidharbha Region
Authors: Ukey, Priti
Keywords: School of Habitat Studies
Pranjal Deekshit
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: TISS
Abstract: Jalswarajya is a Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation scheme, it was adopted the new reforms in drinking water a nd sanitation sector. RDWSS re forms involved institutional decentralization, demand driven approach, cap acity building, community participation, 10% capital cost recovery from villagers, a nd 100% operation and maintenance by villagers. Objective of Jalswarajya scheme was to provide the safe, affordable, ad equate, and accessible drinking water to all households in rural areas . Jalswarajya scheme was implemented in many villages of Maharashtra. It has been observed th at in previous studies that Jalswarajya schemes reforms succeed in some village and failed in ot her. In maximum cases Jalswarajya scheme was miserably failed. In this context this research attempt to understand the various factors in Jalswarajya scheme that leads to success and failu re of scheme in two villages of Bhandara district (Vidharbha). My resear ch shows that the Jalswarajya scheme try to bring behavior changes in villagers for managing implementing water supply scheme in village. Community participation with support of politic al leadership or vice-versa is the important factor for success and failure of Jalswarajya scheme in villages.
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