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Title: Mainstreaming Tribal Farmers -Case Study of farmer Co-operative (The Lahoul Potato Growers Co-operative Society) in Lahoul and Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh.
Authors: Kumar, Amit
Keywords: School of Management and Labour Studies
Issue Date: 2010
Series/Report no.: 343
Abstract: The present research is an attempt to understand the structure, functioning, importance, future prospects, cooperative and rural development, and the evolution of 'The Lahoul Potato Growers Cooperative Marketing-cum-Processing Society Ltd‘(LPS)which works among the Tribal‘s of Lahoul. The main objective of this research is to gain insight on the genesis, functioning, role of co-operative in rural development of the region and to evaluate the co-operative on basis of seven principles of cooperation laid down by the International Co-operative Alliance. The entire paradigm of the study is in the qualitative mode.In the process of research the researcher gained in depth knowledge about co-operative movements and co-operatives in context of India as well as international and this provided a platform to understand the present co-operative under study. The research also tries to understand the rural development facilitated by the co-operative in the Lahoul region overall as well as in a specific village, Lindoor.LPS has shown considerable high level of success (defined at very least as contribution to raising members house hold income) than larger farmer organisations. The experience of LPS has revealed that co-operatives with a marketing base are, if successful, play an integral role in the local development.Another important revelation of the research has been that it is essential for co-operatives to generate resources and use them effectively and to tackle the problems with realistic and practical circumvent .
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