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Title: Uncertainty Avoidance in Indian Managers: Exploring the Moderating Effects of Conscientiousness and Job Complexity on Openness to
Authors: Mohan, Gouri
Keywords: School of Management and Labour Studies
Issue Date: 2010
Series/Report no.: 277
Abstract: This study investigated the moderating effects of job complexity and conscientiousness on the relationship between openness to experience and work outcomes. The work outcomes were measured through job performance and progression. It was found that openness to experience showed positive relationship with performance at high job complexity and negative relationship with performance at low job complexity. It was also seen that conscientious moderated the relationship between openness and job progression such that openness showed negative relationship with progression when the individual was high on conscientiousness and positive relationship with progression when the individual was low on conscientiousness. The variation of the work outcomes and its relation to openness was explored across genders also. The study was conducted on a sample of 150 executives in a medical transcription company.
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